Good Packing is Very Important!                          



I can not stress enough the importance of packing your radio correctly for shipment.

If you have an original shipping box, use it, and put that box into a larger one with enough room for 2 inches of packing peanuts on all sides. The shock of a radio being dropped in transit has to be absorbed.

If you don't have the original box, still use the double box method but wrap your radio in a couple layers of thick bubble wrap and wrap the front of the radio with another layer after that to protect the knobs and switches.

If your radio has long feet, remove them before wrapping in bubble wrap.

If you don't feel comfortable tossing your packed radio off the back of a truck, it's not packed good enough!

Always insure your radio for replacement value. I will do the same for the return trip.

All radios will be charged a $5 shop fee to help with the cost of supplies.  

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